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Fitness Tips From Our Online Personal Trainer

Spring is approaching and we all want to stick to our New Year’s resolutions of staying fit, getting fit or maintaining our fitness. Here are some great ways to stay on track the whole year and feel good about getting into that swimsuit come spring!

Make Fitness a Priority – I hear far too often from clients that they “just don’t have time for themselves and then they feel bad because they’ve put on a few extra pounds.” Here is a great way to make time for yourself – plus, not feel like you are abandoning your family or other obligations:

Start out with 20 minutes a day of exercise. You can break this up into two 10-minute sections. A great DVD to try: The Parts Series – try 20 minutes of Glute Camp one day, 20 minutes of Strictly Upper Body the next and 20 minutes of Total Body on the 3rd Day. On your fourth day you will already feel like you are in a “routine” and can reward yourself with 20 minutes of Yoga Solutions. Light a nice aromatherapy candle and de-stress your body with some relaxing stretches and flexibility exercises.

Plan Ahead – take one day a week to plan your meals and prepare your menu and meals for the week ahead. Look through your favorite recipes and pick the ones that are easy and can be prepped in advance. Write out your grocery list, go shopping and stick only to what is on your list, come home, prep your food, pack it in containers that are labeled M,T,W,Th, F and you are good for the week. Planning is key to staying on track and staying healthy. The South Beach Diet has a wonderful 30 minute recipe book that is packed with easy recipes that can be prepared and stored in advance.

Take Time for You! – Give yourself credit for all you do and treat yourself to a home spa. Take a bath, soak your aching feet, have your spouse or significant other give you a foot massage – or better yet, go get a pedicure. Do something for yourself to make yourself feel good. You can also plan a quiet night in with a good book, a fire and some nice music. It’s important to take care of you, don’t forget that!

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